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Lorna is a truly wonderful naturopath. 

I first organised to see Lorna regarding some skin concerns with my 9-month-old at the time. I found that Lorna had a beautiful, soft and gentle nature and showed a genuine interest in the concerns I had with my baby boy's skin. I was so happy with Lorna's service and felt very comfortable around her that I ended up seeing her myself regarding some health concerns I've had.

 I find Lorna actively listens to her clients and their health concerns and her holistic approach and wisdom are second to none. She is very patient, never makes you feel rushed or not understood and will go out of her way to find answers. I've always loved that Lorna isn't pushy for example, in relation to purchasing supplements she will work with your budget and advise on which she thinks will be of most benefit to you and then advise of any extras. Although we have moved from Cairns we feel lucky to have Lorna's continued support and guidance (via Zoom) on our little family's health journey. 


I am so incredibly grateful for Lorna and all that she is doing to assist my ASD daughter and I. She has come into our world at the most perfect time and her incredible knowledge, not only in relation to Autism but also Naturopathy is second to none. I cannot speak more highly of her and the genuine care, support and expertise she provides to my little family. Thank you Lorna ❤️ 

Jay Ren

Outstanding customer service that comes from the heart and with a true passion to heal! Lorna spends time understanding the origin of any issue that may impact overall health. Lorna’s experience, knowledge and passion shows through applying her holistic approach to healing and building health and wellbeing!


I reached out to Lorna during a tough time, I was experiencing pretty severe depression and anxiety, which saw all sense of routine and self-care diminish. I’ve always been motivated toward a more natural approach when it comes to my physical/mental health and although I am seeing my GP regularly, I wanted to try something more holistic as well - enter, Lorna!

I could not recommend her expertise, patience and guidance enough! She is extremely thorough in her approach to ‘getting to the underlying cause’ and has a warmth and empathetic presence that puts you at ease. She even came armed with a protein smoothie, after knowing my eating/nutrition had faltered!

For anybody considering a naturopath to help them get back on track with their mental (and physical) health, I highly recommend Lorna ❤️

Jemma Pope

Lorna is always smiling and positive. She has helped my son's confidence enormously over the past few months. He has gone up two levels in reading and he even volunteered to be in an impromptu play in front of his whole school.

I highly recommend her.

Thank you Lorna.


Lorna is brilliant, so professional and nurturing. She is extremely thorough and knowledgeable. It has been roughly 2 or so months after seeing Lorna and I am feeling so much better and my overall health has improved immensely. Highly recommend.

Lauren Dabinett

A few months ago I asked Lorna to help me with some issues I was going through. She was wonderful. The sessions we had were each one better than the other. Lorna helped me realise and see why mentally and physically I was having difficulties in proceeding with my day to day life tasks and dreams. I spoke to her a lot of my traumas and pain I was going through. Lorna has the capacity to be a wonderful listener, without judgement. I started building my trust with her. She gave me homework to do and realistic advice. Lorna gave me the right support I needed. Very gentle and understanding towards my problems. Her professionalism in her career is outstanding and I would recommend Lorna to anyone who wants to become better emotionally and physically. Please everyone don’t hesitate to contact this wonderful woman. The few months I spent with Lorna have been incredibly valuable for me. My awareness has become a lot stronger because of my beautiful friend Lorna. Thank you so much. I am for ever grateful with everything you have taught me about soul mind and body. Love you ❤️

Lilla ❤️

Lorna came highly recommended and I was extremely grateful that she could fit me in, on my visit to Cairns, and especially on her day off. After our 2 hour session I knew that I had finally found someone who could guide and deliver much needed results. Having Facetime conferences have been great. With the various tests, supplements and information that Lorna has provided, I continue to be the beneficiary of much better health and wellbeing. Thank you so much!

Linda Dabinett

I'm so glad that I found Lorna just in my own neighbourhood! My 12 yr old Daughter needed some tools to deal with a particular situation and Lorna was able to help her in a matter of weeks. So profoundly has Lorna turned around a pattern of negative thinking, and neutralised a potentially damaging self opinion; my daughter is back to her old cheerful self. I would recommend Lorna's methods to anyone in need of guidance through any difficult situation. We personally will not hesitate to knock on her door again if in need!

Many Thanks Lorna 

Warmest regards

Vivienne Harris, Kewarra Beach

Lorna worked with my child and gave ideas and strategies that worked to get through a rough patch! She also does really good head massages... my daughter can’t stop saying how relaxing and good it was!

Kerrie Bailey

Lorna is a very talented and knowledgeable professional. She has discovered what so many over the years have not been able to do and that was a diagnosis for what has been wrong with me basically my whole life. I was constantly told by Doctors that they thought I had an Autoimmune disease but they could never find what it was. Lorna has been amazing giving me the information, treatment, diet and support to be able to heal my body and to sort out my autoimmune problems. There are still some times when I go backwards some what but it is due to not looking after myself as well as I should. The best part is I go back to Lorna and she helps me to get back on track and is realistic about our busy stressful lifestyles which many of lead today and comes up with ways in which to manage and maintain good health. If it wasn't for Lorna I would hate to imagine where I'd be now, it was getting to the point where I could barely get out of bed and had a failed surgery. I absolutely recommend Lorna to anyone that is looking for answers to their health issues or just wants to feel better and is after an amazing journey to better health!!

Cassie Stickland

As soon as my family and I walked into Lorna's office, straight away I noticed my daughter was the most peaceful she had been in weeks if not months. After seeing a GP several times about our daughters condition, with no solid answers or result...we knew we had to seek help the good old fashion, natural way. With only 2 visits to see Lorna, she helped us get back on track, and with a proper diet in place, we are now recognising how our daughters condition started. For the first time in a while we see our daughter getting back to her old bubbly quirky self. Thanks Lorna xo

Nicole Hood

Weeks ago I took my little girl to see Lorna, as she has been unable to breathe properly through her nose for years. Lorna spent a great deal of time going through all her medical history, eating habits and much more. Lorna prepared a plan to help us get to the bottom of what was going on and within 2 days had worked out exactly what it was that was causing all her issues. Even though we had been going to doctors off and on for years, no-one had been able to work it out until now. My daughter can now sleep soundly and breathe through both nostrils and eat properly. Its amazing the difference and we are so extremely grateful to Lorna for all her help and dedication. She is extremely talented and truly has a gift for the work she does. I could not recommend her highly enough. Thank you so much Lorna.

Cassie Stickland

So very pleased to have had the opportunity to meet Lorna and have her work with my son (8). Lorna is extremely knowledgeable about ASD and I have found her advice with regard to nutrition especially invaluable. Lorna is very caring and easy to talk to, I can definitely recommend her!

Jolene Overall

I have nothing but praise & admiration for the lovely Miss Lorna. I was conscious of how important it would be to engage the right therapist for my son after his diagnosis. After we first met Lorna I knew I'd struck gold. A loving caring lady who is passionate about helping people with ASD. She genuinely cares about my boy & he adores her. Her help & guidance put my little man on the right path & I found her to be a tremendous support in this ASD journey that is a part of our family. I can not possibly recommend her enough. xx

Cherie Perks

Lorna covers many challenges that autism throws at our little kiddies, helping my 3 children with toileting, behaviour, food aversions, diet, helping us as a family with tasks like shopping as being able to enjoy this experience is a major goal for us. Lorna does all of this with our childrens best interest at heart and always with a smile and passion. I highly recommend her.

Cherie Matheson

Lorna is the best! Really gets in there and gets to know your child and works with the child with knowledge and understanding, as well as working with you and educator if wanted. Not just one approach, but several types of therapies based on what the child needs. She is an amazing therapist and a wonderful person who just loves our little people!!! Cannot recommend her highly enough.

Tanith Hammond

Lorna is a fantastic naturopath.. Lorna McInnes not only is amazing at what she does , she is a person who really cares about every person that she consults. Highly recommended.

Maria Slatter

Happy, easy to talk to character is Miss Lorna. I love her passion and excitement for doing whats best for all of our kids... always explaining things so Im able to understand them. Thank you for opening doors to new ideas and ways of approaching different issues with our 3 kiddies. Looking forward to learning more!!!

Cherie Matheson

Lorna helped me with Lymphatic drainage massage at a very emotional time in my life. She was absolutely wonderful professionally and as a friend. Cannot say enough wonderful things about this amazing lady.

Diane Tonkin

Lorna takes pride in her work and has a true passion for what she practices. I have witnessed her unique ability to look beyond the surface of an issue, so that she is able to support and educate her clients appropriately. I would recommend her to anyone! :)

Ebony Grills

Lorna spent time with my son at school, she provided some really valuable insights into his world at school, and offered some fantastic suggestions on how to improve his behaviour at home.

Very kind lady, no hesitation in recommending her.

Josie Ravenwolf

Lorna provided assistance and a practical plan to help my 6/7 year old. She displayed a thoughtfulness and care which he responded well to. She also approached some of his challenges from a different angle than other therapists have, which provided us with some more helpful strategies to incorporate into our daily routine. Thank you Lorna 🦋

Anna Wild

I endeavour to offer all my clients an excellent service and greatly value your feedback.

Please write your review, recommendation or feedback here.

Thank you, Lorna 


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