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Autism / ADHD / anxiety life and wellbeing coaching
Naturopath, Kewarra Beach 4879, Queensland, Australia. Inspire early internetion holistic early intervention and wellbeing clinic  autism 
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autism life and wellbeing coach, kewarra beach 4879, Queensland. autism early childhood intervemtion, Kewarra beach, Queensland
Holistic early intervention and wellbeing clinic. Inspire early intervention. naturopath, Kewarra Beach 4879, Queensland, Australia
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Naturopath, life coach, NDIS reg. specialist early intervention provider for children/adults with autism, ADHD or anxiety (clinic/online)
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Inspire Early Intervention

Inspire Early Intervention

Holistic early intervention & wellbeing clinic 

Early Childhood Early Intervention

As a registered NDIS provider, my services come under Capacity building supports for early childhood, under Improved daily living skills and are available throughout Queensland and Northern Territory.

As an holistic early childhood intervention practitioner and special education / inclusion support consultant, my passion is in helping infants and children with Aspergers, Autism, ADHD, ADD, anxiety, developmental delay or learning difficulties and their families, to reach their goals, using early childhood intervention best practices and evidence based interventions, holistic principles, nutrition, movement and self awareness.


My aim is to guide, inspire and support each child on their journey of learning, developing and mastering skills, support them in feeling safe, connected, included, confident, happy and healthy and by working together towards overcoming challenges, to achieve their goals and optimise outcomes. 

  • I offer a personalised service to support each child and family / carers (to continue each childs program and record progress between sessions)
  • I maintain regular feedback and reviews.
  • I will gladly collaborate with other professionals such as your paediatrician, psychologist, psychiatrist, speech pathologist, OT or GP.  

Assessments, plans, programs and strategies are available for all children under 7 years old, of all abilities and are designed to suit their individual early intervention needs. These may be private or through NDIS funding. I am currently offering my services from my clinic, by outreach within the Cairns / Beaches area and online.

Your child's personalised, structured early intervention program may include:-

  • Learn to Play and Play to Learn
  • Language and communication development
  • Social development and interaction
  • Self care, life skills and daily routine (eating, sleeping, dressing, washing, toileting etc)
  • Emotional development, understanding and regulation
  • Positive behaviour enhancement
  • Sensory awareness and self regulation
  • Cognitive development and learning skills
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Nutrition and wellbeing
  • Environmental awareness and care
  • Positivity and motivation
  • Self awareness, self esteem and connectedness
  • Intervention resources folder to continue program at home
  • Kindy  / Prep Readiness skills
  • Transition and Inclusion support
  • Sensory tool kits

I provide a personalised, holistic service from the "Inspire" clinic, your home, care, community or education setting or online using ECEI best practice, evidence based programs and strategies including:-

Early childhood education and care, ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis), Special education support, Inclusion support, Verbal Behaviour Approach, Early Start Denver Model, Positive Partnerships, TEACCH, Virtues, Positive Parenting, Social and Visual Stories, Circle Of Support, alongside huge slices of positivity, creativity, fun, motivation and a dash of "inspiration", to help your child discover, practice and accomplish skills and connect, through play, to prepare them for their next stage in life, as well as their understanding and management of themselves, others and the world around them.

Specialist assessment for Early Childhood Intervention Plan
This is where we meet and discuss exactly what your child's goals and needs are.  We complete a full profile of your child, which will include his or her strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes and any behavioural, sensory, emotional, physical, educational or wellbeing goals or concerns you may have. I offer guidance and suggestions and we complete your child's personalised Early Intervention Service Agreement with relevant, achievable goals, duration / dates of sessions and service fees.  

1.5-2 hour consultation with Service agreement      On site or online - $200       
                                                                                      Outreach - around Cairns Northern Beaches - $250
                                                                                                       - beyond 10 km from Kewarra Beach - $300

Individual early childhood intervention therapy sessions.

Each personalised Early intervention session may be with your child, here at Inspire clinic, at your home, child care centre, kindergarten, at school or in the community or online through Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.  Each session will be focused on a maximum of 2 goals and be a structured yet flexible combination of therapy, education and well being, according to your childs goals, program and needs on the day. 

I offer a genuine caring, innovative, service which includes regular feedback on your childs sessions, with Early Intervention reviews and updates as your childs needs change. I encourage and support parents and carers to continue your childs program at home, to maximise outcomes. Only one child is to be in clinic at any one time, to best help your child achieve their goals.  

On site or online 
(One child in clinic per session only)  $120 / 1 hr   or   $200 / 2 hr session.

Outreach - around Cairns Northern Beaches) $250 (2 hrs) (Includes travel) 
                 - beyond 10km from Kewarra Beach) $300 (2 hours) (Includes travel) 

****Each 1 hour fee includes :_
Personalised therapy preparation (before session), 50 min of therapy and 10 min of case notes &  program planning for next session) 

Specialist services for parents, carers and educators

Inspire Early Intervention provides assessments, guidance, training and support, based on a child's individual needs and goals, to parents, carers, teachers and educators. I offer practical strategies and resources to help you to optimise your childs / students learning opportunities and goal achievement in order to maximise their outcomes. 
On site or online - $120 per hour
Outreach - around Cairns Northern Beaches - $250 (2hrs) (Includes travel)   
                 - beyond 10km from Kewarra Beach - $300 ( 2 hrs) (Includes travel) 

Meetings, Reports and Observations

IEP or program management meeting / report writing / resources for transition to daycare, kindy or prep. 

On site or online - $120 per hour
Outreach - around Cairns Northern Beaches - $250 (2hrs) (Includes travel)  
                 - beyond 10km from Kewarra Beach - $300 ( 2 hrs) (Includes travel) 

Please call Lorna for more information and fees