Holistic early intervention and wellbeing clinic  


Early Intervention

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Inspire Early Intervention is an holistic early childhood intervention and family wellbeing clinic, based in Kewarra Beach in beautiful Far North Queensland.


  Holistic early childhood early intervention. 

  Holistic wellbeing consultations.

GAPS ( Gut And Psychology Syndrome) consultations.

 Holistic counselling, guidance and support for all ages and abilities.

Mindfulness and Relaxation 

Lorna McInnes          

Chartered Holistic Wellbeing Practitioner, Certified GAPS Practitioner, Early Childhood / Special Educator (Dip) 

Education / Special Ed. Support Consultant ( Cert 3 & 4 )   Jnr ABA Therapist.

Registered HCWA  ASD Early Intervention Service Provider

Registered NDIS Provider (QLD) (Early Childhood Intervention, Counselling and Innovative Community Participation)

Registered with ACNHP, SNTR, ECIA, ABIQ, ECA .

Recognised Health Fund provider 

Call now on 0457248889 to arrange an appointment 

Clinic days :-                                                          

Mondays and Tuesdays            

Initial Holistic Wellbeing or GAPS Consultation   2 hours

Standard Wellbeing or GAPS Consultation  1 hour

Holistic counselling / Personal Development   1 hour

Mindfulness and Relaxation  1 hour                                                   

Wednesdays and Thursdays    

Initial Early Childhood Intervention Consultation   2 hours 

Early Childhood Intervention Session   1 hour

***  30 min. Wellbeing or GAPS "review" consultations (for regular long term follow up only, can be arranged in clinic)

All local "Outreach" Early Childhood Intervention consultations and therapy sessions are 2 hrs long and are available on Thursdays.