Autism Life and Specialist early childhood early intervention. cairnsWellbeing Coach, Kewarra Beach 4879, Queensland, Australia
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Autism / ADHD / anxiety life and wellbeing coaching
Naturopath, Kewarra Beach 4879, Queensland, Australia. Inspire early internetion holistic early intervention and wellbeing clinic  autism 
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autism life and wellbeing coach, kewarra beach 4879, Queensland. autism early childhood intervemtion, Kewarra beach, Queensland
Holistic early intervention and wellbeing clinic. Inspire early intervention. naturopath, Kewarra Beach 4879, Queensland, Australia
specialist autism early childhood.intervention. Specialist. early in0457tervention. counselling for aspergers and autism. cairns.
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Naturopath, life coach, NDIS reg. specialist early intervention provider for children/adults with autism, ADHD or anxiety (clinic/online)
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Inspire Early Intervention

Inspire Early Intervention

Holistic early intervention & wellbeing clinic 

Life & wellbeing coaching

Strategies and support for children and adults with Aspergers Autism Spectrum Conditions, 

ADHD, anxiety, developmental delay,  learning difficulties or other disability. 

NDIS registered provider

(under Capacity building - Improved daily living skills - Therapy supports - under Counselling)

(All States except WA)

Do you or your child simply need a listening ear and a little guidance and support to understand and accept yourself or your disability ?

Do you often feel overwhelmed by life, sensory stuff or anxiety? 

Do you or your child need some new skills to help connect with others? 
Is it difficult to slow your thoughts down or to eat, sleep or relax well? 

Does your child need some educational support, help to focus or autism advocacy / inclusion support for school?
Is it a struggle to get organised or motivated or would you like to make some
positive daily life changes but don't know where to start? 

Whatever the reason, I look forward to walking alongside you on your journey of discovery and awareness, self acceptance, empowerment and personal growth.

I am more than happy to collaborate with your other chosen therapists and do ensure regular reviews and feedback. I encourage 

family / home participation and support networks to maximise all outcomes.

Where do we start?

1. Initial functional assessment consultation

    To find out more information and discuss your/your childs needs, goals, aspirations, likes, dislikes, strengths,

     weaknesses and support networks.  We then make and sign a Service Agreement (with relevant, achievable goals) and    

     a regular time/day/duration and fees for your sessions.  I will then make up a Therapy Plan with relevant activity

     programs, strategies and supports to help you reach your NDIS Plan goals.

2. Coaching sessions

   Your / your childs coaching sessions may be at my clinic in Kewarra Beach, at your home, in the community or online.


Each individualised plan may include...

Strategies & support for daily living & independence

Nutrition, hydration, sleep, exercise, relaxation and daily routines

Practical holistic life skills

Personal awareness, understanding, acceptance and growth

Self esteem, positivity and motivation

Anxiety awareness and management

Emotional perception, expression and regulation.

Social and communication skills 

Self esteem, positivity and motivation

Mindfulness - Growth mindset - Resilience

Sensory awareness and self regulation 

Education /  transition / inclusion support (for under 12s)

Self care, simplifying life, cooking, budgeting tips, grow your own salads.

Fees - On site or online

Functional assessment  (with Service agreement)   $200/100 min

Coaching sessions   $120 / 50 min  

    Coaching sessions   $200 / 100 min  

NDIS review, report or resource creation for plan $120 / 50 min

Fees - Outreach (around Cairns Northern Beaches)

Functional assessment (with Service Agreement and travel included) - Within 20 km of Kewarra Beach - $250/ 100 min 

                                                                                                                                    Over 20 km       "                "            -  $300/ 100 min

Coaching sessions ( travel included )  -  Within 20 km of Kewarra Beach - $250/ 100min

 Coaching sessions ( travel included )  -  Over 20 km from Kewarra Beach   - $300/ 100 min

Please note 

****Each 1 hour therapy session fee includes :_
Personalised therapy preparation (before session)
50 min of therapy and 10 min of case notes &  program planning for next session) 

                                                              Fees are current as of 1/7/19 and are subject to change. 


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Have a beautiful day.