Autism Life and Specialist early childhood early intervention. cairnsWellbeing Coach, Kewarra Beach 4879, Queensland, Australia
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Autism / ADHD / anxiety life and wellbeing coaching
Naturopath, Kewarra Beach 4879, Queensland, Australia. Inspire early internetion holistic early intervention and wellbeing clinic  autism 
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autism life and wellbeing coach, kewarra beach 4879, Queensland. autism early childhood intervemtion, Kewarra beach, Queensland
Holistic early intervention and wellbeing clinic. Inspire early intervention. naturopath, Kewarra Beach 4879, Queensland, Australia
specialist autism early childhood.intervention. Specialist. early in0457tervention. counselling for aspergers and autism. cairns.
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Naturopath, life coach, NDIS reg. specialist early intervention provider for children/adults with autism, ADHD or anxiety (clinic/online)
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Inspire Early Intervention

Holistic early intervention & wellbeing clinic 

Inspire Early Intervention is a holistic early childhood intervention and family wellbeing clinic in Kewarra Beach in beautiful Far North Queensland.

Holistic Services       ( Onsite, mobile or online ) 


At Inspire Early Intervention, I offer an individualised holistic practical approach to everyones health and wellbeing, looking at the "whole person", not just the symptom.

Consultations are available for all ages, to suit your needs, whether that be to do with gut health,  sleeplessness or symptoms relating to autism, ADHD, anxiety or MTHFR.

Early childhood intervention therapist

As an holistic early childhood intervention therapist and special education / inclusion support consultant, my passion is in helping infants and children with Aspergers, Autism, ADHD, ADD, anxiety, developmental delay or learning difficulties and their families, to reach their goals, using early childhood intervention best practices and evidence based interventions, holistic principles and nutrition.

 Life Coach

Do you or your child simply need a listening ear and a little guidance and support to understand and accept yourself or others? 

Do you feel overwhelmed by life or by your anxiety or differing ability?  

Do you or your child need some new skills to help you connect with others, communicate better or learn something new? 

Whatever your goals are, we can create a plan with strategies and supports to help you achieve them.


Meet Lorna


Hi, I'm Lorna and I have a true passion for helping children and adults with Aspergers, autism, ADHD, anxiety, MTHFR gene mutations, digestive disorders, allergy, intolerance and auto immune disease to become healthier, happier and kickin' those goals. 

On my own colourful journey I have learned first hand how inter-related these disorders are, the influence nutrition and toxins have on them and the overwhelm that can occur without the guidance and support of a practitioner who "gets it".


Lorna is brilliant so professional and nurturing. She is extremely thorough and knowledgeable. It has been roughly 2 or so months of seeing Lorna and I am feeling so much better and my overall health has improved immensely. Highly recommend.

Lauren Dabinett

Lorna came highly recommended and I was extremely grateful that she could fit me in, on my visit to Cairns, and especially on her day off. After our 2 hour session I knew that I had finally found someone who could guide and deliver much needed results. Having Facetime conferences have been great. With the various tests, supplements and information that Lorna has provided, I continue to be the beneficiary of much better health and wellbeing. Thank you so much!

Linda Dabinett


Lorna is a very talented and knowledgeable professional. She has discovered what so many Doctors over the years have not been able to do and that was a diagnosis for what has been wrong with me basically my whole life. I was constantly told by Doctors that they thought I had an Autoimmune disease but they could never find what it was. Lorna has been amazing giving me the information, treatment, diet and support to be able to heal my body and to sort out my autoimmune problems. There are still some times when I go backwards some what but it is due to not looking after myself as good as I should. The best part is I go back to Lorna and she helps me to get back on track and is realistic about our busy stressful lifestyles many of lead today and comes up with ways in which to manage and maintain good health. If it wasn't for Lorna I would hate to imagine where I'd be now, it was getting to the point where I could barely get out of bed and had a failed surgery. I absolutely recommend Lorna to anyone that is looking for answers to their health issues or just wants to feel better and is after an amazing journey to better health!!

Cassie Stickland

I have nothing but praise & admiration for the lovely Miss Lorna. I was conscious of how important it would be to engage the right therapist for my son after his diagnosis. After we first met Lorna I knew I'd struck gold. A loving caring lady who is passionate about helping people with ASD. She genuinely cares about my boy & he adores her. Her help & guidance put my little man on the right path & I found her to be a tremendous support in this ASD journey that is a part of our family. I can not possibly recommend her enough.

Cherie Perks

As soon as my family and I walked into Lorna's office, straight away I noticed my daughter was the most peaceful she had been in weeks if not months. After seeing a GP several times about our daughters condition, with no solid answers or result...we knew we had to seek help the good old fashion, natural way.   With only 2 visits to see Lorna, she helped us get back on track, and with a proper diet in place, we are now recognising how our daughters condition started. For the first time in a while we see our daughter getting back to her old bubbly quirky self. 

Nicole Hood