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Lorna McInnes Naturopath, educator and life coach

Inspire Early Intervention is an holistic early childhood intervention and family wellbeing clinic

in Kewarra Beach in beautiful Far North Queensland. 

Holistic Services

Early childhood intervention 
Naturopathic consultations

Counselling / Life coaching

Mindfulness and Relaxation

Hi, my name is Lorna and my passion is in helping children and adults with Aspergers, autism, ADHD, anxiety, digestive disorders, allergy, intolerance and auto immune disease to become healthier, happier and kickin' those goals. 

On my own colourful journey I have learned first hand how inter-related these disorders are, the influence nutrition and toxins have on them and the overwhelm that can occur without the guidance and support of a practitioner who "gets it".

Im an autistic self advocate and strongly believe in the importance of early intervention, nutrition, practical strategies, connection, guidance, resources and support for each unique child, individual and family to move forward, feel empowered and improve their lives.

Ive been a clinical naturopath for 14 years and am a certified GAPS ( Gut And Psychology Syndrome) and Bio Individual nutrition practitioner, Early childhood Educator ( Dip), an ABA therapist, special education and inclusion support consultant and registered HCWA and NDIS provider of Early Intervention services for infants, children and adults. 

My mission is to help children and individuals decrease their toxic load and increase their nutrition, to cleanse and nourish their body and brain, and to help them learn new life skills and reach new goals.

I look forward to being able to guide and support your child, self or family on your journey of discovery, recovery and more discovery😁and offer free 15 min introductory phone consultations, so give me a call, to ask about my services and find out if Im the right person to help you. If not, I will guide you to someone who can.


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Lorna McInnes          

Registered naturopath, Certified GAPS Practitioner, Early Childhood / Special Educator (Dip) 

Education / Special Ed. & Inclusion Support Consultant,  ABA Therapist.

Registered NDIS Provider (QLD)   

(Early Childhood Intervention, Therapeutic Supports and Innovative Community Participation)

Registered with ACNHP, SNTR, ECIA, ABIQ, 

Recognised Private Health Fund provider