Holistic early intervention and wellbeing clinic  


Early Intervention

Naturopath, Kewarra Beach 4879, Queensland.

Holistic Wellbeing Consultations

Do you or your child suffer from digestive pain, constipation, diarrheoa, eczema, anxiety, inflammation, allergy or intolerance, have recurrent colds and ear infections, muscle cramps, constant tiredness or hyperactivity, have trouble with bed wetting, sleep, eating or toileting?  

At Inspire Early Intervention, I offer an individualised holistic approach to everyones health and wellbeing, looking at the "whole person" not just the symptom. 
I aim to identify and address the root cause of the health concern, by looking at diet, nutrition and deficiencies, physical routines, daily structure, gut health, beliefs, Immunity, nutritional and environmental toxins, food and chemical sensitivities, intolerances and allergies, to name a few.

Functional Testing is available if required ( pH of urine and saliva, Pyrroles, MTHFR gene testing, Food and chemical sensitivity, intolerance and allergy tests, Heavy Metal testing, Complete Digestive Stool Analysis, Helicobacter Pylori antibodies, ALCAT Food sensitivity, Organic Acids, Vitamin and Mineral Analysis, Hair Mineral Analysis )

Treatments and Wellbeing plans may include:-
BioIndividual Nutrition, resources and support
Guidance, Positivity & Motivation 
Lifestyle recommendations for yourself, your child and family
Homeobotanical Therapy
Mineral Therapy
Holistic Counselling and Personal Development
Mindfulness and Relaxation
Alkalising and cleansing
Chelation Therapy
Environmental Detoxification

Initial .... Wellbeing or  GAPS Consultation   (allow  2 hours)   $200  
(plus $ 50 per 30 minute block, after the first 2 hours)
Includes a full personal and family health history, relevant tests and examinations, followed by treatment, diet and lifestyle guidance.
I will then create a personalised wellbeing program, specifically for your child or yourself, to suit your requirements, lifestyle and budget. 
Each  program may  include nutrition, exercise, relaxation strategies, guidance, suggestions and support for increased health and happiness, which I am very happy to help you or your child achieve.

Follow on..... Wellbeing or GAPS Consultations   (allow 60 mins)   $100
May include guidance on your childs or your personalised program and any test results,  treatment, evaluation of progress, motivation and guidance, reflexology 
and / or mindfulness.

Follow on Mini .... Wellbeing or GAPS consultations (long term treatment)  (allow 30 mins)  $50
Includes evaluation of Gaps workbook, wellbeing, progress and guidance.

Counselling and Personal Development

Programs, strategies and support   

Creating your personal Wellbeing Plan. 

Anxiety reduction and management.  

Personal awareness, understanding, acceptance and growth. 

Self care and nutrition. 

Emotional perception, expression and regulation.  

Self esteem.  

Goal setting and recording.  

Social and Communication skills.  

1 hour Personal development session  $ 100

Naturopath, Kewarra Beach 4879, Queensland


Relaxing is sometimes very difficult for many with anxiety, Aspergers, ASD, ADHD, those in their wisdom years or those with a disability, and is a wonderful skill to learn and practice regularly to help self regulate.
Each session may include Epsom salts aromatherapy footbath, cold or hot drink, calming strategies, mindfulness, creative visualisation, positive affirmations, nature or Chillout music, Indian head massage, remedial magnesium massage (for young children), reflexology (hands or feet), a gentle hand massage, stretching, aromatherapy, sensory and tactile aids in a safe, peaceful, supportive, ambient setting.

1 hour Chill therapy session    $100